ITR seeks to introduce modern techniques and trainings in educational excellence and institutional management for teachers and schools. We believe in enhancing the skills of teachers and administrators to ensure quality dissemination of academic facilities. We strongly believe that through constant research and consolidation in establishing educational reforms and implementing refined academic strategies and routines, the schools and teaching communities of our region can excel. We also believe in raising the awareness standards of the local community in terms of personal & skills development and environment conservation.

Education is the best weapon to counter  poverty from the locality and community,which brings prosperity and development in society. We need to primarily focus on education to alleviate poverty from the vicinity. That could be possible  via trained and well-equipped teachers at the schools and educational institutes. where we will have a transformed  educated youth and generation. ultimately, which will become a source of financial help to family and becomes a cause of prosperity and development.

Together we can, Together we shall

 To facilitate local teachers and institutions in attaining and consolidating the academic learning objectives.

 To enhance the skills of the teachers by disseminating international-level trainings.

 To facilitate awareness for the locality in various realms of education, by paneling renowned educationist, speakers & trainers; to raise public awareness in developing personal & children grooming and environment issues.

 One of the aims of our organization is to counter poverty by educating the nation. To let them stand against the social evil. 

  To Educate them, To equipped them against poverty.